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10:07pm 07-17-2006
Hello Ray. I dropped in th check out your web site. It is really great. Keep up the great work.
3:35pm 06-20-2006
Sue Griffin
Mr Lecarra,

Congratulations on the book! You are a great man and wonderful teacher. You have made a world of difference to my son and i thank you very much for that!
(Nick's Mom-----Sue
3:34pm 06-20-2006
Nick McDonald
Mr Lecarra,

Wow congratulations on the new success!! Cant wait to read it!

Nick McDonald
7:25am 06-14-2006
Troy Wortham
That first chapter had me wanting to read on. Can't wait to ge a copy.

Bestof wishes and good luck

10:59pm 06-09-2006
Betsy Phelan
I'm looking forward to my autographed copy, and especially to being able to say I knew you when---don't forget us when you're famous!! best wishes...Betsy
2:57pm 06-02-2006
Gerard Lefevre
Can't wait to get home and start reading your book.

Best wishes for your success.

9:17pm 05-31-2006
Linda Nemeth
I eagerly await my autographed copy of your best selling novel.
7:03pm 05-30-2006
George Frank Jr
Good luck Ray onthe writing of your book!! Your friend Tiny
9:53pm 05-28-2006
number one fan
Great book Ray. You really did a good job. We are really proud of you.
7:39pm 05-27-2006
honey knice
Dear Ray
]Congrats on your first publication.
I am anxiously awaiting my very own autographed copy.
When should I come up to Conn. to pose for some publicity shots????
Best wishes to you.
11:20am 05-27-2006
Tony Morris
Hey bud, the website keeps looking better and better. I can't wait to read this book. I have no doubt, knowing you, it's going to go ballistic. I'm proud of you my friend.
6:42pm 05-25-2006
Sharyn & Hunter
WOW! Congratulations Ray!! This is soo cool!! We are very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. We are looking forward to reading your book. The Super Natural genre has always been a favorite. Cool website, the graphics are great, the site is easy to navigate and we especially like the photo of the lady with the crystal globe. Congratulations!!
Sharyn & Hunter
8:48am 05-25-2006
Kathleen Tenney
Ray I am definately going to check this out. Take care and this is awesome to be proud of!
12:52am 05-24-2006
Hi - we're checking out your site. We'll have to check out the book. Congratulations!
Kim & Diane
12:19am 05-24-2006
Hi There!
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