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7:49am 09-28-2010
Rya is the Mac-Daddy...Love ya Brotha ...Gratz
9:18pm 08-13-2009
Brenna Belletti :)
Hey Mr. LeCara! I'm only guessing you remember me from Chippens? Haha anyways wanted to say congrats on all of your books because I haven't seen you in a very long time. I think that you should become an English teacher at Eastern so I can have you again . I'll be a sophmore this year! Where does the time go? Anyways yea just wanted to say hi, so hi!
9:35am 03-09-2009
Hey Mr.L. Have you heard about henry? Its a very sad Thing what happened to him. I seen you on little people, big world, you should have been able to advertize that great book some more, the dad had a blank look when you talked to him about what a protagonist was. Thanks for a great year in 8th, best of luck! R.I.P. Henry : -(
1:08pm 12-29-2008
Diane Miller
Congratulations on winning second place on your book!
8:20pm 06-01-2008
Debbie Landrum
I just got the books in the mail and thought I'd check out the website. I can't wait to read them. I'll talk to you about it at school.
Debbie Landrum
8:36pm 04-01-2008
Andre Mendez Jr
Hey Mr.LeCara.I Say Mr.LeCara because as it says on the back page of The Torn Timeline(Class Copy) He is a L.A teacher, and a great one
at that. I've already got a copy of the book, I am one of his first period students At Memorial Boulevard Middle School.I Cant tell any-
thing about the book, but it\'s great.Absolutely Get One. See u in class Mr.L.-Andre_Dynasty-Red-8th
1:16am 01-09-2008
Tina Provost
need to fix that first sentence. YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. Congradulations on a very big success. A toast to you. may all your books be best sellers. love ya my friend. miss ya too
1:12am 01-09-2008
Tina Provost
Hey Ray, You are an amazing!! I can't wait to read your books. I just found you after quite a few years and now I learn of your success. I hope you can send me an autographed copy. I'm proud of you and I'm proud to be your friend. I will read your books. trust me on that!! love Tina
4:38pm 10-08-2007
Virgie Lindsey
Nice site Ray the books sound interesting, hope to support soon?

Virgie Lindsey Author-blog talk radio host-gospel artist
9:54pm 09-22-2007
Tyler Krawiec
Yo Mr. LeCara
Congrats on your 2nd book. Can't wait to read it. Have me help you out with your 3rd book.
Best of Wishes,
Tyler Krawiec
7:45am 07-26-2007
Joe Purcell
Congradulations Ray. I can't wait to see the movies on your two books.
10:20pm 07-16-2007
Ray-You are truely an amazing person, Love ya!! Big Hugs! Awesome job on your books-keep it up. (just don't chew gum while writing it) LOL!!!!!
8:09pm 07-16-2007
Lisa (Elie) MacLean
Congratulations on the book. I wil be looking for it in stores. I can say I knew him when.

Lisa (Elie) MacLean
12:33pm 10-12-2006
tabatha arcano
hope you get back to me soon and thanks again for helping me out with all my problems
12:31pm 10-12-2006
hey wut up mr L its ur old student from chippens remember in seventh grade tabatha arcano i wrote a seperate journal to you well hope you will send me an autographed book of yours for me at my new address give it to you at your email soon so every one wont see it. peace tab
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